Little Creatures

Mr. Blue Bird ©

Drumroll Please!!!!

Written by Crystal A. Thomas and Illustrated by Catrell C. Thomas ©

Ta-dah…it’s official! Busy Butterfly is completed and off to the presses as we speak (or as I type I should say). It’s been a very laborious process and, when the next book opportunity comes along I pray it will prove to be less stressful!!! (highly unlikely though!).

The main reason I am so excited is mainly due to the fact that I felt as if I couldn’t do any other thing besides the book and the guilt that came along with taking time to design a business card or set up a banner for ceciliablue design on Etsy ( was indescribable. No artist should feel like a prisoner…and I say that somewhat in jest however, it’s been a rough time…knowing certain people I expected to support new ventures and dreams that were taking form had tunnel vision. Feeling like you can’t be proud and share your new ideas or creations is a roadblock in itself.

Phew! Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest it is time that I keep pressing onward! I’ve got a shop to get product into ASAP!!!! I cannot believe it is December 1st already!!! Yikes! My “Future Products” list has been constantly growing and I am beyond excited to dive into all of the creative goodness they all hold!  Keep in mind I’ve still got some freelance jobs to work on but nothing should be as all-consuming as before (fingers crossed).

I’m off…I’m sure I’ll have something new to post shortly as I am working on card/greeting/invitation templates and am excited as heck! Have an awesome morning.