One More Positive Thought

ok…seriously, does this not make you smile?!
My amazing friend just sent this to me and it put the biggest grin on my face. 
Everything Really is Going to be Amazing!
Really have to go now! πŸ˜‰
xo Cat!


I wanted to take a quick second before I run out to the post office and the g-store (both of which I’ve been putting off ALL WEEK LONG) to share one of my favorite jewelry designers with you. 
Carly Thurman, the creative genius behind johnnymeg, fellow Virgo (watch out now), and overall Amazing Lady, designs and makes by hand, the most incredible one-of-a-kind pieces. 
You check check her shop out over on the left column and for now, 
I’m sharing one of my favorite pieces with you. 
Have a beautiful afternoon. 

xo Cat!

Sea Green

Sea Green

3 1 Phillip Lim 80s fashion
$310 –

Fat Face skirt
Β£15 –

Oasis flat heels
$30 –

Wedge heels
$225 –

Tote handbag
$20 –

Sydney Evan chain jewelry
$1,255 –

Dolce Gabbana floral shawl
$318 –

Haider Ackermann cashmere shawl
$1,350 –

Juicy Couture bow hat
$55 –

Hair bow accessory
$20 –

Metal sunglasses
$577 –


Loving this trend right now. Will be trying lots of these out this summer πŸ˜‰
OmbrΓ© Umbrella…via by ethanollie on Etsy!
OmbrΓ© DIY Entry Hall via
OmbrΓ© DIY Mani…can’t wait to try this one! via
OmbrΓ© top via ModCloth!
OmbrΓ© DIY Paint Chip Chandelier via
OmbrΓ© wooden serving spoons via