Great Work!


My Preppy Side

If you know me at all, you know I’m a chameleon. Always have been. Always will be. My usual go-to style is anything hippy dippy and comfortable, however…I love a good bit of prep every now and then too.

Surfing this night I fell in love and feel inspired for the fall trends. The skinny is still here (not that I would take it out of rotation anytime soon regardless) and colors are poppin’!

I’m in Love with J. Crew and Madewell’s looks for my favorite season.

The painter pants, animal prints, and overall pops of color have me drooling over here.

Have a good night!

xo Cat!

Life this Week

I did a little work
We Read Some Classics
We finally got some Rain
and Scrabble Wars Ensued
We Relaxed by the Pool as usual
We had a few Lazy Days
And had more Rain…
But so far it’s been a pretty good week!

One Last Summer

It’s been pretty silent over here this past week and, although I’m still busy, the absence has been mainly due to the fact that it’s summer and I’ve got the kids home a lot more!
For those of you Mom’s and Mom’s-to-be out there, I’m sure you can relate.
Working from home can and will be imposed on quite often with distractions when school lets out every June. I’ve decided to forgo the rules (ha! Take that “The Man”) and let my kids spend time with me vs. me making time for them…even if it’s just this one last summer.
So for now, until I get better at managing my work/family life, I’m going to share my going-ons via photos when I haven’t had or made time to sit down and write about something specific! I’ll get to all of that when I can.
I know the time will pass quickly and the pace I’m at right now is going to speed up by fall.
I’m just going to enjoy all if this while I can.

Happy Tuesday!

xo Cat!

We’ve been enduring this HEAT!!!

My Anthology Mags came! I’m on page four of one out of two issues. 
Wish me luck and a lot of down time to read them this week!
We’ve been having beach days…

 And went Boating!

I ate too many “seemingly healthy” homemade fish tacos…
so now I’m detoxing for the rest of the week!
We dog-sat!
I fell for Target’s marketing once again and  bought The Lorax Eco-friendly items
(you know…like pencils and little notebooks and bags); I originally went in for fish food. 
We splashed in pools