Falling Back…

I’m in the midst of a huge change(s).

Career. Home. Financials. Etc. Etc. Etc.

You’d think I’d be buckling under the pressure but I’m pretty good at rolling with the punches. (How old do I sound?). I usually chalk it up to being a Virgo but whatever…I’d rather put a plan into action and fix whatever it is that needs fixing over sulking and having a pity party.

With all the craziness happenings, I continue to revise my list as I check to-do’s off.  I’m thinking how it’s already mid-September and it puts a smile on my face.

I love fall…the chilly nights, the breeze, the colors, the scarves and sweaters. It’s a time for big change, for slowing down (a bit), and for snuggling up and not feeling too bad about it!

*That reminds me…I need a new pair of gloves, boots, and a new book! (I see a new list in the making!!).

So in the meantime, while I continue my two-year long house hunt (no joke!), and the quest to become a better freelancer/multitasker/supermom, I’ll share some fall-inspired pins with you all.    

Source: lionbrand.com

Source: ravelry.com 

Source:  Pinterest

Happy September!
xo Cat!


Peace and Quiet

I know I’ve been MIA and I’m probably beginning to sound like a broken record.

Things have been cray tho and with the end of summer, new work, the kiddos starting school, house hunting (still!!!!!)…you’d think I’d be bald right now.

With all of these goings ons, I’m hanging in here and am grateful.

Hope you all had a good Labor Day!

xo Cat