Highs And Lows

Late nights…

There’s been so much going on the last few months since I’ve even posted on the ‘ole blog and I’m starting at least one of my New Year’s Resolutions early this holiday season and that’s being better to ceciliablue.

 My days have been muddled in with last nights and, starting in January, I think I’ll be in the best place I’ve been in a long time.

 I’ve been keeping busy and have a long list of projects that have been completed and that are coming up…all creative in some way and good for ceciliablue and my overall progress as a designer/illustrator in general; I can’t really complain about too much right now.

 I’ve designed logos and cards, am laying out two websites as I type (mine included…I know I know, I feel like I just redid my site but that was a temporary holdover and after a few months I got sick of it. I just didn’t feel like it represented what I’m doing right now).

I’ve done a few photo shoots since I was last here and I’m finalizing my first mock-up book so I can start submissions to listing agents.

Etsy sales have picked up steadily and I’m always coming up with new projects to incorporate into ceciliablue in general.

I’ve been trying to get back into Bikram too but that ships sailed and my 30 day pass has dwindled down to 10 unused days so far…gotta use the other 20 ey.

Throw in a writing gig I’ve got in the evenings and then add the kids hw, projects, events, sports, etc….and you can start to see why I let this fall to the way side.

 For now though, I can commit to this again and I’m looking forward to it all! Life. Is. Good.

daydreamer ©ceciliablue

Keep dreaming,
xo Cat!


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