Saying Goodbye (A 2012 Recap)


I’ve noticed a lot of people mentioning how grateful they were to step into 2013 and I think we all had a pretty rough 2012 in some way or another. I know I can testify to a lot of hills being climbed and detours that had to be taken. But I will say this…

With all of the distress, loss, and bad luck and news we may have been on the receiving end of this past year, I am truly grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, the path I’m on, and I’m sincerely looking forward to 2013.

I’m usually pretty good with my List ‘O Resolutions too and, while I won’t share them all on here, I’d like to throw a few of them out into the Universe for all to see and, if you’re kind enough, send some good energy my way 😉

1. Build ceciliablue to the beautiful beast she’s destined to be
2. Finally register with SCBWI
3. Finish my mock-up & set it out to the list of agents I’ve compiled (1 outta 40’s gotta like it!)
4. Travel–Tulum, London/Paris, and Portland (never been) are high on my list
5. Love and Spiritual Growth (this one is always on the top 5)

That’s my gist…what are your goals??

xo Cat!


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