Weekend-ing: Home and History Style


Believe it or not, we’re finally about to move into our home after a six-month-long short sale (plus another year of house hunting but that’s it’s own separate story). We got word last week that things are moving forward and we’ve happily jumped back in to planning, designing, and dreaming.

Overall, we had a great weekend and walked away feeling even more reassured about our new home. It may have been windy and cold, but being able to visualize it all in person again was worth it.


The Mount Calvert House-Historical And Archaeological Park-located down the road from our new home


This heart was already in the gravel drive when we pulled up


Rob and Ahna walking toward the water…we’re lucky enough to have the historical Mount Calvert House, which sits atop Jug Bay, just two miles down the road from us.


A major battle in the War of 1812 took place here and this location is also an important archeological site in Maryland.


A view from the dock of Jug Bay and the Historic Billingsley House


Home Sweet Home with Ken doing a cartwheel in the front yard


To find out more about the history of this incredible place, jump right over here.

Hope you had an adventure this weekend too!

xo Cat!


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