Showing DC Some Good Green Love!


Well hello there!

I got caught up with Valentine’s Day and the whole holiday weekend, but I’m here with a quick update and intro.

You may already know this but I’m a very proud DC native and have fallen in love with this area and it’s surrounding cities more and more each year that I grow. There’s so much to do and see and the appeal of still being close enough to the water, mountains, and nature hasn’t faded one bit.

Earlier this year, I took notice of an incredible site, The DC Ladies and was blown away by their focus on featuring women who (duh) live in the DC Area. To have a site that focuses specifically on everything a busy woman, mom, single 20s-30s-40s-50s-something needs is a blessing.


And with that blessing, I’m proud to announce that I am now a contributing editor for The DC Ladies; I’ll be writing bi-monthly for them and focusing on all things green!

I have my first post coming up next week and will be sure to share that when the time comes.

I hope you had a great love day last week and are enjoying this last, full week of February.

Have an amazing Thursday…
xo Cat!


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