Being an Artist


A good friend of mine recently posted a beautiful note about what it means to be an artist and it completely resonated with me.

Often I find it hard to share my world and work with certain people because, let’s be honest, other than your group or tribe of creatives you keep in your most-inner circle, the majority of others out there think you’re mad!

It may be that we’ve learned our lesson more than once; if you’ve got something in the works, that new project that you’re about to set off, that idea or spark!…whatever it may be, we choose to keep it to ourselves until it comes to fruition.

Only then can the nonbelievers, the naysayers, those (need I say it) realists, see something tangible that they can then feel free to (openly) praise.

Call me a dreamer, but I believe that dreaming is imbedded in the heart of creatives. We tend to have this sixth sense of “I can do that”!

…because most of the time, we just do.



I suppose this little Humpday rant is to remind all of us that we are special. We are unique. We are not crazy! lol

And if we’re lucky enough, we have those special people in life that can celebrate our brilliantly-built, right-sided thinking brains.

xo Cat!


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