Recent Work!


Things have been in full swing in the studio lately and I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to create artwork (with full creative freedom…score!) for two clients this past week.

The Tabula Rasa poster was an awesome request I received from a business partner of mine (if you don’t know about ArtSee DC you should check them out as they’re doing amazing things in the arts community here in the DMV). I’ve done work for ArtSee in the past and it was incredibly refreshing to get back to work with them; there’s nothing like feeling 100% support throughout the entire creative process.


Another job I had the pleasure of taking over was with a local pub that I’m incredibly fond of…both prints (top and bottom) are for the same client…just different renditions for their performance list they have online and in-house.


They ended up going with the chalkboard print (I don’t blame them) and there’s nothing better than having two great jobs, with a swift turnaround time, all in the same week, to help give you a boost of energy just when you need it.

Can’t wait to share more work with you soon…

Cheers to Tuesday!
xo Cat


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