Swallow Falls State Park-September 2013




Finally feeling like we’re settled in down here at the homestead even though there’s still a very long list of things to paint, clean out, and renovate entirely. Nevertheless, the dog days of summer hit us hard and we finally had a little relief from the sweltering heat this past week. Continue reading

Saying Goodbye (A 2012 Recap)


I’ve noticed a lot of people mentioning how grateful they were to step into 2013 and I think we all had a pretty rough 2012 in some way or another. I know I can testify to a lot of hills being climbed and detours that had to be taken. But I will say this…

With all of the distress, loss, and bad luck and news we may have been on the receiving end of this past year, I am truly grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, the path I’m on, and I’m sincerely looking forward to 2013.

I’m usually pretty good with my List ‘O Resolutions too and, while I won’t share them all on here, I’d like to throw a few of them out into the Universe for all to see and, if you’re kind enough, send some good energy my way 😉

1. Build ceciliablue to the beautiful beast she’s destined to be
2. Finally register with SCBWI
3. Finish my mock-up & set it out to the list of agents I’ve compiled (1 outta 40’s gotta like it!)
4. Travel–Tulum, London/Paris, and Portland (never been) are high on my list
5. Love and Spiritual Growth (this one is always on the top 5)

That’s my gist…what are your goals??

xo Cat!

Weekend-ing Recap

Sorry for the silence these past few days. We went out of town and while I planned to post a few things here over the weekend, I found myself without service for two and a half days. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the lack of communication…had it not been for news I was waiting to hear about, I wouldn’t have even flinched.

At the end of the day though, we had a great time, saw some awe-inspiring landscapes, laughed, and made some awesome memories.

Happy Monday

xo Cat!