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Snack Thyme!

My life’s been completely crazy lately and sincere apologies for the lack of posting going on. Snacking and cooking have been a huge role in my day time activities and, although I’ve just started a very demanding job that I’m still feeling out, I hope I will still find the time and never loose the passion I have to cook and create.

Here’s a few quick go-to snacks/munchies (or lunchies) I’ve been fixated with as of late:

lettuce wraps!

Lettuce wraps are so refreshing and easy to make up in a small amount of time. I’ll have them for breakfast if I’m not in a juicy mood or for and in-between filler. It’s also really easy to change up the fillers depending on your mood:

My fillers as of late have included tomato, avocado, apples (I like Fuji), and a little mushroom. I also add shredded carrots and additional red leaf lettuce. I usually pepper them and drizzle a little Olive Oil and Balsamic on top.

Wrap them up in Romaine (my preference because they’re so meaty and roll well) and enjoy!
Another favorite of mine has been fried rice. It’s so satisfying, filing, and filled with yummy, hearty, goodness for your bod. I first started experimenting with fried rice after I read a recipe in Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Diet. I’ve been adding and subtracting to it ever since. 
Yummy Vegan Fried Rice 
All it takes is a good serving of brown rice, (I usually make 4-6 cups), and any veggies you like! I saute my onions and garlic first in olive oil (or safflower oil if you’ve got it handy) along with grey sea salt, and then add carrots, peas, a little more salt, and then add the rice. Add diced bok choy and any other leafy green that suits your mood, drizzle with soy sauce, (I use organic gluten-free Tamari), and enjoy. I usually make enough for  three-four servings because it’s always nice to go back the next day (or next meal) and chow down on it again! 

I usually pair my rice with a nice side of veggies. This week I made stir-fried green beans:

And this snack is truly a snack…and the perfect bite! I don’t even really know what to call it but just talking about it right now is making me salivate.

Here it is; the ULTIMATE snack:

Super Snack!

Take an apple and slice it about 1/4 inch thick-this is your base. Top it with avocado slices, and tomato. Pepper and drizzle with Olive Oil and Balsamic to taste and there you have it! It’s the most delicious thing to bite into and it’s very satisfying 🙂