Breaking the Silence


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I guess you can say I took an unexpected break from blogging since the holidays…and I can’t pinpoint exactly why. I just stopped. “Blog” is still on my daily to-do list but I just haven’t made the time; to be honest I’ve been dreading it a bit.

Now here I am, sitting in 2014 scheming and dreaming…and trying to not feel (not sure if guilty or bad are the right words)…odd maybe? Regardless of the reason, I can’t let a lapse in time dictate all of this. I’m breaking the silence. I’m back. If you’re here to ride along with me…that’s awesome! Because 2014 is going to be just that.

…and I know; I owe you a few good stories over here. They’re coming!

xo Cat!


Recent Work!


Things have been in full swing in the studio lately and I was pleasantly surprised when I was asked to create artwork (with full creative freedom…score!) for two clients this past week.

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That’s A Wrap!

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 5.13.57 PM

I’m very happy to announce that all of the work put into revamping the Milla’s Treatment Boutique website has finally come to fruition!

I shared Milla’s “Spring in the Green” invites and signage I did for her back in April, and updating the site has been an ongoing effort these past few months.

It’s been great working with Milla as her brand manager and, we felt it was time to dump the flash, have the site viewable across all platforms, and bring a new touch of elegance, clean lines, and a fresh look overall!

Take a peak at the site and, if you’re in the NYC area any time soon, you should definitely stop by for the best organic, skincare treatment imaginable!

Happy Humpday!

xo Cat



Finally feeling like we’re settled in down here at the homestead even though there’s still a very long list of things to paint, clean out, and renovate entirely. Nevertheless, the dog days of summer hit us hard and we finally had a little relief from the sweltering heat this past week. Continue reading