Time Changes Everything

This pic is my first Raw dinner and it was as delicious as it looks! I have to admit though that I am eating Raw Goat Cheese but I do know that I’ve done enough research and it is an Alkalizing food so I’m not too worried…

I’m slowly changing; actually not “slowly” at all. It’s been incredible…one week 9if even) and I feel better, look healthy and the list just keeps going! I joined a Juicing group on RawFu and had planned to juice for at least 21 days…I haven’t stuck to juicing all day though. I’m taking in about 2-3 quarts of juice a day and am eating for dinner but I’ve already lost about 8lbs (8lbs!!! In less than a week!)so I can’t complain!!

Every day I’m feeling renewed energy. I want to step it up more as each day passes so maybe I will get to the point where I’m strictly juicing but for now I’m happy and I feel great! I’ve been having crazy dreams btw…not sure if that’s a common thing when juicing or going Raw.

I’m heading to LA next week to visit my sisters and obviously won’t be able to pack my juicer with me but Collin is semi-Vegan and super supportive and I have a plethora of shops/restaurants and cafe’s written down so I should be ok. I’m only a little stressed and that’s because I’ve gotten used to getting my juice first thing in the morning when I’m ready for it. We’ll see how it goes; I’m afraid to see what five days away will bring.

I had a very big test last night too; I went out for my Collett’s birthday at Grace’s and I made very smart decisions so I’m proud of myself…especially since it’s one of my favorite restaurants to eat at. Nothing’s going to make me go back now…I feel way too good! I haven’t wanted to smoke or drink and that’s remarkable too since both were a daily habit.

I’m at work right now but I’m off to the Farmer’s Market around the corner from me at lunch to stock up for the weekend! It’s crazy that I’m excited to go get greens and kale and romaine lettuce, etc…lol. I need to make a stop through Wholefoods too; hopefully today. I’ll have to make time. Yet another reason to have one in the county I live in but that’s a whole other story!

Until next time…

Light and Love! ♥ Kat