New In The Shop!

vday combo_135

I posted a sneak peek for the new Vday goodies a week ago and I’m just now getting around to sharing the images from that shoot.

Works been picking up a lot and has me rearranging my to-do lists like a mad woman but I’m finally happy to post the newest creations. You can find them in the shop !

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Quick on my Feet!



I was cleaning up my desk late last night and, while I was trying to condense a few of my many ongoing lists, I came across a quote I’d written down in the middle of what I’m sure was procrastination.

I think a lot of us thirty-somethings can relate to finding your way when it comes to figuring out what you really believe in. For me, I grew up going to church religiously (no pun intended) and, although I’ve found a somewhat different path than the one I was raised on, I still have a soft spot for some of my favorite verses.

So with all of that being said, instead of just adding this lone script to my list of ‘quotes’, I took a minute to visualize how I’d like to see it in print…and I’m pretty happy with this one.

It’ll be in the shop soon and hey…at least my session of purging my studio turned into a productive way to start on that “quotes/posters” to-do I kept bumping on all the lists I have in circulation!

That plus I think I made a pretty sweet gift for my Mom’s birthday next month!

Happy Humpday

xo Cat

Recent Work!

“Vintage Presidential” was the theme for an Inaugural celebration over the holiday weekend, and I was approached to design the entire thing from scratch.

I took that blurb and ran with it…and I’m pretty happy with the outcome. The client was the happiest so that’s all I could really ask for!



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Love is in the Air!


I’m in the middle of a lot of projects right now and it just hit me that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

I’ve decided that this year I’ll just do a quick update to ye ‘olde shop (I am in the paper goods business after all). As much as I try to pretend I’m not that into valentine’s day, I usually find myself getting caught up in all of it’s love-pushing, red-hue-filled chatter.


Here’s a sneak peek at a few new designs I’ve got going on for notecards and possibly even a new poster or two.

Let me know what you think…they’ll be up in the shop tomorrow!


xo Cat!

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